Cockroach Allergy and Avoidance

Cockroach-imageCockroach infestation is a common problem in inner-cities. They flourish in places where food is available and that are moist and warm and they can hide. Once a roach is spotted in the basement or kitchen, it is estimated that at least 800 roaches are hidden very close by. German cockroaches and American cockroaches are commonly seen. Oriental cockroaches are hiding mostly in leaking pipes.

Cockroach allergens derive from feces, saliva and debris. Highest levels are detected in kitchens. Cockroach sensitization is strongly associated with inner city asthma.

Cockroach avoidance:

  • Remove food sources. Keep food in lidded containers. Put pet food dishes away after your pets are done eating. Vacuum and sweep the floor after meals. Mop the floor at least once a week. Use lidded garbage containers in the kitchen. Take out garbage and recyclables. Wash dishes right after use.  Clean all surfaces including stoves, refrigerators or toasters where crumbs can accumulate.
  • Block all areas where cockroaches could enter the home, such as crevices, wall cracks and windows. Get rid of piles of things where roaches may hide.
  • Fix and seal all leaky faucets and pipes where cockroaches can obtain water.
  • Use poison baits, boric acid, or traps.
  • Hire a pest control expert.